Did you know that PC-to-phone call rates to Cuba are probably the most expensive in the world? I got to know this through a Cuban friend who told me that Skype rates to Cuba are higher than 1USD per minute. I was so shocked and as a result, I did a little bit of research on these rates. My objective was to compare Cuba’s rates with Malawi’s. At the end of it all, I discovered that Malawi’s rates are ten times cheaper.

The rates offered by various service providers for calling mobile phones  in the two countries from a PC are as follows:

ComFi 0.88 0.058
Skype 1.02 0.086
Vyke 1.74 0.175
Voipcheap 0.66 0.099

The rates to Cuba are just too strange. Call Cuba VoIP reveals that this is due to the current pricing schemes by the Cuban operator which are extremely high. Why are the people in the land of Fidel Castro being ripped off like this? Are the pricing schemes by the Cuban operator set by the government? It is as if Cuba belongs to a different planet altogether.

Of course, VoIP Cheap provides the best rate to Cuba. So if you make frequent calls to Cuba, I encourage you to go for VoIP Cheap.You may also consider using ComFi because their cost is good.

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