The dynamics of the blogosphere never cease to amaze me. Sometime last year, BlogRush and Entrecard were introduced for blog traffic generation. BlogRush started with a bang because most high profile bloggers continuously wrote posts about it while the EntreCard started slowly.

Now more than one year down the line, BlogRush is no more while EntreCard is going from strength to strength. NeoBluePanther suggests that EntreCard has been successful because it gave room to a blogger to take steps that would improve his chances of getting traffic while BlogRush didn’t i.e. it assumed that bloggers are interested in reading other blogs. Although EntreCard has so far been successful, it is still not the ultimate service.

A lot has been said about EntreCard’s high bounce rate. Furthermore, recently the buying/selling of EntreCard credits on ebay/forums has been banned. This is not a good development for a blogger who is more interested in earning credits for cash. In light of these observations, any new traffic generating service has the potential to make it big and even drive EntreCard down hill. One recent promising service that MIGHT achieve that is Adgitize.

Adgitize rewards a blogger with points based on the following criteria:1) the number of clicks on Adgitize ads on your blog, 2) the number of clicks you make on Adgitize ads on other members’ blogs, 3)number of visits on your blog, 4) the number of times you post new stuff on your blog. A member’s accumulated points are then converted to cash at the end of each month. The minimum payout through PayPal is only 10 dollars.

As you can see, Adgitize is more of a cash based system. Just like EntreCard, membership is free. If you need more details, a visit that side would be important. In the next three months, it will be intesting to see how this new service will evolve and how EntreCard will react to it. I am sure most EntreCard members will join the new service and run adverts from both of these sites simultaneously just as is the case with MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog widgets.