If you are a head teacher of a primary or a secondary school in Malawi, I have some good news for you today.The University of Edinburgh is offering a Master’s Scholarship to a student from Malawi for postgraduate study in MSc in Education. The Godwin Jere Scholarship was set up in 2008 in memory of Godwin Jere who was a headteacher from Malawi and who graduated from the University of Edinburgh in November 2006 with an MSc in Education.

The potential recipients of this scholarship must ensure that they satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  • They must be Malawian citizens.
  • They must be headteachers of a primary or secondary school.
  • They must be normally resident in Malawi
  • They must be accepted for admission on a full-time basis for the MSc in Education programme of study at the University of Edinburgh.

You can get more details about this scholarship here.If you know Malawians who satisfy the above mentioned criteria, please forward this message to them. Let them try their luck. Osachita nsanje pilizi!

On a different note, I would like to ask the administrators of this scholarship not to limit this scholarship to headteachers.They should open it up to all primary and secondary school teachers. In Malawi, it generally takes a long period of time before someone can become a headteacher. When someone finally becomes a headteacher, he or she is quite old and very close to retirement such that there is generally no need to go for further studies. If this scholarship is openned up, some younger Malawians trained at the University of Edinburgh, courtesy of this scholarship, will be able to serve the nation (Malawi) for a much longer period. I am sure Godwin Jere, in honour of whom, this scholarship was created will be happy with this development.

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