Some few weeks, I issued an open call to all my visitors asking you to pledge a few minutes of your time for Marie da Silva who was one of the ten nominees for the 2008 CNN Hero of the Year. The winner has now been announced. She is Liz McCartney courtesy of her dedication to helping survivors of Hurricane Katrina rebuild their homes. She received $100,000 to continue her work just outside New Orleans.

Although Marie did not win it, I would like to thank you, ladies and gentlemen for sparing your time in order to put my country, Malawi, on the map by voting for Marie. May God richly bless you all. Marie, just like the rest of the contestants, received $25,000. To me, this is a fair deal. I know that with the publicity that she has received, many people are going to make donations to her Jacaranda Foundation and the operations of this charity will expand.