A recent edition of the Balancing Act, a free weekly e-letter on the Internet in Africa,  carries a story about a Ugandan ICT Engineer, Wilson Kutegeka, who has has won the  Microsoft Global ICT Award.It has been reported that Kutegeka beat off a challenge from over 2,000 professionals at the Microsoft Most Valuable Profesional (MVP)summit in Washington, US, to win the award. This award comes with a fully-sponsored trip to the US to attend the prize giving ceremony, as well as a $2500 shopping voucher. He is also entitled to the latest free Microsoft software and books.Congratulations to Wilson!!!

It is interesting to observe that Kutegeka is being awarded for developing the ClinicMaster Technology which is used at the Joint Clinical Research Centre to monitor patients on ARVs. ClinicMaster automates patients’ transactions and daily procedures in the clinic. This reminds me of my good friends at Baobab Health Partnership in Malawi who are also developing and implementing a similar system in Malawi. According to  Gerry Douglas, the founder of Baobab Health Partnership,  their system can be easily scaled up across an entire country, and perhaps an entire continent. I am, therefore, looking forward to seeing Baobab Health Partnership collaborating with Kutegeka’s Joint Clinical Research and other organizations with similar interests in order to speed up the development and implementation of these technologies in Africa .

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