logoFor sometime, I have been looking for an online service that allows users to send free SMS messages to Malawi. A few days ago, I stumbled on Wadja, a social networking website, like Orkut, Facebook and Myspace, which goes one step beyond the rest by providing FREE SMS across the world.

After signing up, I managed to send a couple of free SMS messages to my family in Malawi. I also configured the system in such a way that the replies come straight to my mobile phone. I am now using this service on a regular basis. If this trend continues, expect to see less of me on Facebook.

Unlike many other social networks, Wadja does not rely on users bringing a social group to the service. Many social networking sites rivals are only truly useful for a user if their peers have signed up to the service, as the services are often contained within the network. For instance, currently, I do not have any friends in my Wadja network but I am already enjoying their service to the fullest.

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