If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, you will notice that it was offline from December 6 up to December 8. During this period, I had been having a terrible WordPress database problem at Unique-links.The WordPress software was failing to access the database. Up to now, I do not know the cause of this problem because my configuration file was not corrupted at all. This situation was the first of its kind. My blog has never been offline for one year now.Unique-links has been giving me an excellent service and I have grown to like them. In light of the database access problem, I contacted their Support team expecting to be helped as usual but their reply was not good.

They told me that unfortunately they were very limited in the support they can offer for third-party programs such as WordPress. They went on to say that if there is evidence that their system was responsible for any database access issue without using WordPress, I should forward to them the info, and they would be happy to look into the matter further. They, however, apologized for the inconvenience.

There was literally no way for me to prove to Unique-links that their system was responsible for my  database problems because the only database that I had on their site was a WordPress one.Their reply showed me that, much as they offer a good and cheap service, they are not the best web hosting option for a WordPress based website or blog as they do not have the capacity to offer support for this ubiquitous third-party program. A look at the free software tools on their server shows that the WordPress version that they offer is very outdated. This confirms that they really do not have the ability to support WordPress bloggers. My advice to them is that they better employ some people to start taking care of the needs of the WordPress community which is growing at a very fast rate. Otherwise, unique-links will sink!

After my unique-links database problems, I saw that there was no way for them to help me out and I decided to move my blog to a WordPress-friendly hosting service. And that move was going to be very painful firstly because I really liked Unique-links and I did not want to leave them and secondly because I had to move all my content to a new home, which is a very tedious process. But I had no option because I needed to be back online as soon as possible. After searching through the Internet and reading a lot of reviews, I settled for Siteground as my new hosting service. Siteground has a special WordPress hosting package which proved to be too difficult for me to ignore and continue searching further. The components of this package are as follows:

  • A FREE domain name
  • 750 GB web space
  • 99.9% server uptime
  • Fast support response
  • 24/7 top customer care
  • CPanel and Fantastico
  • $5.95/mo-save up to 40%
  • WordPress installation
  • WordPress themes
  • WordPress tutorials
  • Blog-optimized servers
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited FTP Access
  • E-Commerce Pack

I immediately signed up, paid for my blog’s hosting package and used the Fantastico software to install my WordPress software. I had a few problems importing my database but when I asked the Siteground support team. They sorted me out quickly and in no time my blog was up again. It’s good to be back.This is the kind of support I need as a part-time blogger. Siteground also offers me unlimited emails at my domain. Now, all the folks in my home village can get free emails at my domain if they want. My advice to bloggers is that if you are thinking of moving to a self-hosted WordPress blog, Siteground will be a good option to consider. Although I have moved to Siteground, I am still maintaining my domain registration at Unique-links for the time being.