I started blogging almost three years ago with an aim of sharing my thoughts on technology and its use in the fight against poverty. Since then, I have written 209 posts (including this one) on this blog and 10 posts on my new blog, where I write about my experiences in Japan and Afro-Japanese issues. During this time, my friends have introduced me to blog monetization. With time, I have actually discovered that there is a growing number of people e.g. Mart Erkal, Etienne Teo, John Chow, Javo etc. whose blogs are solely aimed at making money online.

While the aim of my blog is different, it does not prevent me  from monetizing it with Google Adsense. Actually it works better that way. I signed up for Adsense way back in 2006. Since then, I have been displaying Adsense ads on my blog. Because my blog is not money making oriented, I don’t do any kind of Adsense optimization. As a result, my monthly income from Adsense is very small (US$7.00 on average) but now it is increasing rapidly especially with my increased PageRank. I recall that one day, Cryton and other friends on the Blogcatalog  forum were talking about their meagre returns from Adsense. Cryton has actually removed Adsense ads from his blog.  Initially, I also thought of doing  the same because I felt that it was just one of Google’s ways of using poor bloggers in order to continue enriching  themselves. But after second thoughts,  I decided to continue displaying Adsense ads on my blog. After all, I do not do any special work in order to make money through them. I get whatever they bring to me. I do not even care how much it gets to. Last month, my Adsense revenue crossed the payment threshold for the first time. As I write, Google has transfered some US$109 into my bank account. This is a small amount and maybe negligible to some of you but you must understand that I got it without breaking sweat.