The United Nations University (UNU) will organize the tenth regular session of its six-week UNU International Courses (UNU IC) at the UNU Centre in Tokyo, Japan, from 11 May through 19 June 2009.

Applications are open to postgraduate students and professionals in various occupations – with a college or university degree. The closing date for receiving applications is 31 January 2009.

Participants from developing countries who take two courses (Core and an Optional Course) and who can demonstrate a need for financial assistance can apply for a limited number of UNU full and partial fellowships. These fellowships will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and financial need. Competition for fellowships is extremely fierce but it is worthy trying. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. You can get all the relevant information and the application forms for the course and the fellowship from the UNU site.

If you happen to come to Tokyo for these courses, please give me a shout. I stay at Komaba which is very close to Jingumae where you will be taking your courses. It will be good to go with you for some Yakiniku somewhere in Jingumae, Yoyogi, Shin-okubo or Shinjuku and have a good time.