ITNewsAfrica reports that cutthroat competition that exists in the cybernet café industry in South Africa has seen operators reduce their prices significantly to attract customers. Some internet café operators have now reduced charges to an average of R1 for about 25 minutes. Before, most operators charged R1 for 12 minutes.

This is a good development and I hope that this trend will continue. I know that the cost of Internet connectivity in many African countries is quite high compared to other parts of the world. But this does not justify the high exorbitant charges that customers pay in certain places in Africa. Some café operators know that people in those places are desperate and will pay anything in order to send a simple but very important email. Due to the absence of competition, they raise the charges unfairly. By the way, is there any form of government regulation in this kind of business?

I just hope that more cafés will spring up in many places in order to drive charges further down.

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