I have been looking forward to some meetups with fellow bloggers in Japan for quite sometime. The opportunity finally came on Friday, 6th February when I attended the Tokyo Consumer Generated Media (CGM) Night organized by Danny Choo (a.k.a the tokyostormtrooper) and Andrew Shuttleworth at Fiat Caffe in Aoyama.


Danny Choo (The Stormtrooper)

Andrew Shuttleworth

Andrew Shuttleworth

Although Danny and Andrew are very popular figures, I visited their sites for the very first time just last week.  I happen to be one of the many subscribers at TechCrunch. Last week, I read from a TechCrunch feed that there was going to be a CrunchGear/TechCrunch Meetup in Tokyo on 3rd February. I followed the post and informed Serkan Toto, the Japan based TechCruch blogger, that I was going to attend the event. While reading the comments on CrunchGear, I discovered that Danny Choo had left a comment announcing the Tokyo CGM night. I followed his link, signed up at his site and informed him that I was going to attend the Tokyo CGM Night.

I missed the TechCrunch event because I was very busy with my studies. But I managed to show up for the Tokyo CGM Night. I was late for the event but I really enjoyed every moment. In a period of less than two hours, I managed to network with the following people (not in any particular order):

  • Danny Choo who runs a Japan portal at dannychoo.com and is also the CEO at mirai.fm.
  • Andrew Shuttleworth who is the founder and connector at  Customers, Vendors, People (CVP). He is also the organizer of the Tokyo2.0 events. Actually, this month’s event will take place on Monday.
  • Serkan Toto who, apart from blogging at Tokyotronic, also serves as the Tokyo based blogger for the TechCrunch network. He is also the Director of Marketing at iKnow!, the world’s social learning platform.
  • Sam who blogs at tkyosam and is also a very active youtuber.
  • Darin Ten Bruggencate, a paralegal in Minato-ku.
  • Derek who has been in Japan for 22 years. He is originally from Los Angeles. He really likes using his camera.
  • Adam Johnson, the COO at genkii. I had a good technical exchange of ideas with him.
  • Ken Brady, the CEO at genkii. He is a very cheerful man. I have linked up with him on twitter as well.
  • Kristopher Tate, the Founder and Chief Technologist at Bluebridge. He is a very exciting young man.
  • Alexandre Leblanc, the Multimedia Overseas Section Sales Manager at Digicraft Corporation. He comes from France.
  • Hironoshin Tsutsumi, the Multimedia Overseas Section Chief at Digicraft Corporation.
  • Hiroyuki Miyata, the President/CEO at Digicraft Corporation. I had a good chat with him in Japanese (宮田さんと日本語で喋りました)He told me that he has been to South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. He asked me to visit him whenever I find time.
  • Jerome Sadou, a blogger at jeromesadou.com, who works as a Web Applications Developer for the Samurai factory.
  • Linda Newnham who works a Recruiting Manager for Google Japan.
  • Ken Lee who blogs at kenleewrites.com.
  • Rick Martin who blogs at Tokyo Shift.
  • Claytonian who blogs at  The Hopeless Romantic. He also makes contributions at  Japanprobe.

Tokyo is becoming smaller and smaller for me because of these connections. A big hand for the CGM organizers, Danny and Andrew, for their hard work. Keep it up guys! I am now eagerly looking forward to the next CGM Night.

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