ict4dIf you come from the African continent (my Malawian buddies, please go for it!), and you have an MSc degree in an ICT related discipline, and you are now looking for a full-time PhD studentship opportunity, this post is for you. The Hasso Plattner Institute (Germany) and the University of Cape Town (South Africa), the best University in Africa, are offering PhD studentships in the field of ICT for Development. These will be made available to students from the African continent who already hold an MSc and wish to enroll in full-time study at the University of Cape Town. The studentships will be to the value of 1000 Euros (approx. 12,890 South African Rands) per month.

This is a very generous stipend. Even married folks can apply for these studentships. When I was doing my predoctoral research period at the Meraka Institute in Pretoria, my pay was about 12,000 South African Rands per month and it used to be enough for me and my family.

To apply for the studentships, you are supposed to send your CV and a brief research proposal (2-3 pages) electronically to gaz {at} cs.uct.ac.za. In the proposal, you must outline the research question that you would like to tackle and how you would go about conducting the research. Proposals must be submitted before the 1st of April 2009. Only proposals  within the ICT for Development field will be considered. They have not disclosed the number of students that they are looking for. If your CV and research proposal are good, you stand a good chance of being picked.

As usual, do not be consumed with jealousy; therefore, spread the word to everyone who is eligible for these studentships.

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