Earn money with Scour!If you are into the world of social networking, this post is for you. Today, a Blocatalog friend of mine invited me to Scour, a social search network site similar to Searchboth, which provides results from Yahoo, Google and MSN on one page. Every Scour member can vote each listing up or down based on its relevance to their keyword as well as comment on their experiences with the site. The understanding is that by blending user feedback with proven search algorithms the Scour community shapes the Scour brand of results.

Apart from evolving search into a community of users sharing their search successes with others, Scour also rewards its members. Every member is awarded 1 point for every search, 1 for a vote and 1 for a comment with a maximum of 3 points a search. Once you aggregate at least 6,500 points you can cash them out for a $25 Visa gift card. If you are a searchaholic, then Scour is for you. The only thing that I hate about them is that the referral system is not fair. Why should someone be earning 25% of my points just because he referred me to them? This is very unfair! In stead of making the new users work for the older ones, Scour should be giving  one-time referral bonus points from their own sources.

Once you bring money in the equation, you must be prepared to fight spammers from all over. I hope the guys at Scour have their own Matt Cutts and a skilled webspam team otherwise Scour will soon be history.

The other observation is that Scour does not have its own search engine. Scour relies on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Why don’t they come up with their own search engine and socialize it? What if Yahoo, Google and MSN stop them from using their search engines?

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