Last Friday, I attended the 3rd episode of the Tokyo CGM Night at Cafe Ratia in Harajuku, Shibuya-ku. As usual, this event was hosted by Danny Choo and Andrew Shuttleworth, but this time it was sponsored by (formerly known as iKnow). In case, you are hearing about this event for the first time, CGM stands for Consumer Generated Media. It is a gathering of bloggers, YouTubers, social networkers and folks who like to share. If you are blogger, youtuber, social networker, twitter fan etc. based in Tokyo, this event is for you.


Can you see me in this photo? If the answer is "Yes I can", clap hands for yourself!

pokenI arrived at Cafe Ratia in good time and I had more time to network with a larger number of people this time. The most interesting presentation of the night was the one done by Poken founder Stephane Doutriaux, who used the event to launch Poken in Japan. Poken is a technology that extends online social networking into the real world. This technology has been embedded into small electronic business card gadgets. It enables people to connect to each other on existing online social networks. Free pokens were given out to everyone who attended this event. With a poken, exchanging contacts becomes very quick and easy. All you have to do is just perform a “hi four” and make contact with the other poken. But you have to make sure that you register your info on the poken site later. The site will keep all your business contacts such that it is easy to follow them up later. From now onwards, no more business card exchanges. After all, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep track of them.


Free pokens for everyone

You may wish to take a look at the video in which Alex from Akihabara News interviewed  Poken founder Stephane Doutriaux:

I have now amassed 142 points mainly because of the 20+ people that I pokened at the CGM night. Now that I am a poken fan, I have been given a Promo Code.  If you want to buy pokens, give me a shout. I will send you this code and you will get 10% off any purchase of pokens.With the arrival of Poken, it will be very interesting to see the evolution of social networking.

On a general point of view, it is interesting to see that the Tokyo CGM night is growing very fast. The February event was held at Fiat Caffe in Aoyama. This time it had to be moved to Cafe Ratia because the number of people attending had gone up to 200+. The organizers should start looking for another venue for the next event because the new venue is too small already.

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