The Foundation Heart for Malawi, led by Dr. Steven Paas, has announced the release of the combined Chichewa to English and English to Chichewa dictionary. As pointed out earlier,  the main objective of this project is to bridge the gap of communication between speakers of Chichewa/ Chinyanja (C) and speakers of English (E).

With its 730 pages in small print containing more than 35,000 entries, the dictionary is an indispensable instrument for Africans and expatriates, foreign workers and visitors, blue collar and white collar employees, farmers and town people, students and teachers, including those who deal with English and Chichewa at a scientific and scholarly level.

The main aim is to distribute this dictionary freely to Form 3 and Form 4 pupils of secondary schools in Malawi and other Chichewa/ Chinyanja speaking regions in Central Africa. Free distribution to these boys and girls is being enabled to an extent through direct financial support by a number of sponsors. Part of the project has to be financed through the selling of books. Buyers of 1-9 copies are referred to Kachere Publishers, P.O. Box 1037, Zomba, Malawi, Email: kachere at, or to any bookshop in Malawi and Zambia. They charge retail prices.

Buyers of 10 or more copies can buy directly from the Foundation Heart for Malawi. This offer is focusing on firms, agricultural and industrial enterprises, hotels, offices, hospitals, educational organizations, NGO’s, overseas partner organizations, churches, development agencies, and any other organization that is interested in improving communication. They can buy these books for their employees and partners at a special price of MK1200 or 5 Euro per copy. If they buy 50 or more copies the price goes down to MK1000 or 4 Euro per copy. Those who are interested can order the books by mailing to: s.paas at indicating the required number and whether you want to collect the books or have them sent to the physical address you mention. Then the Foundation Heart for Malawi will get back to you with the whole procurement procedure.

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