japanMalawian Scholars studying, researching and training in various fields in Japan unanimously established the Society of Malawian Scholars (SMS) in Japan  on 13th October, 2008. All graduate and undergraduate Malawian students (matriculated and non-matriculated, full-time  and part-time), researchers, trainees registered at Japanese Universities, Institutes of Technology, Research Centers and JICA Training Institutions are automatically members of the SMS in Japan. This includes alumni.

According to the articles of association, SMS in Japan shall serve the following purposes:

  • SMS in Japan shall attempt to network all alumni and current Malawian students, researchers, trainees in Japan using  an Email discussion list.
  • SMS in Japan shall profile the expertise and keep a live database of the past (alumni) and present Malawian scholars in Japan.
  • SMS in Japan shall assist in routing emergency calls (accidents, sicknesses and sudden deaths) to the Malawian Embassy.
  • SMS in Japan shall attempt to guide prospective Malawian scholars to Japan especially in the areas of MEXT Scholarship application, interviews and nature of research and study in Japan.
  • SMS in Japan shall attempt to create and possibly coordinate research projects benefiting both the Government of Malawi and the Government of Japan within the context of the bilateral agreements between the two countries.

Chomora Mikeka, a PhD student at Yokohama National University who has been in Japan since 2006, is the interim coordinator for SMS in Japan.

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