logoSEACOM, the much anticipated undersea fibre-optic cable system that will connect Africa to the World at a blazing 1.28Tbps, is 54 days from completion.The folks at  SEACOM have now created a twitter account through which they share the latest updates on their progress in the lead up to their launch in June.


SEACOM’s progress has created a high level of excitement on the eastern region of the African continent, the only region in the World that has had neither intra – African nor direct access to worldwide international cable networks.

In Kenya, local companies that will buy bandwidth from SEACOM have already made groundwork to ensure they start business as soon as the cable becomes operational. In Malawi, the situation is different. According to the reports that I am getting, Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) is still laying the terrestrial fiber cable network. A connection with the SEACOM cable through Mozambique’s state-owned telecommunications company, TDM at Zobue is expected to be ready by November 2009. As you can see, Malawi will not be connected to the SEACOM cable as soon as possible. By the time Malawi gets connected, it will be difficult for her to catch up with the likes of Kenya in this revolution 🙁

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