malawiThe Japanese Embassy in Malawi is receiving applications for the 2010 Japanese Government scholarships. According to some reliable sources, the application deadline is 29 May, 2009. Those of you interested in coming to Japan for further studies, must contact the Japanese Embassy in Lilongwe. They will give you application forms and any relevant information.You may also wish to take a look at the application guidelines here. Nthambazale dot com readers from other countries, who are interested in these scholarships, may also contact the Japanese embassies in their respective countries for further details.

Japan is cool country. I look forward to seeing more Malawian students here. As of now, there are about 20 Malawian students in Japan, funded by JICA, the Japanese government and the Malawi government.

The application window for the 2011 Japanese government scholarships is now open. The application guidelines and all the necessary application forms are available online.