As the debate on aid continues, I pause and take a look at the transformation that is taking place in Mwandama village in Southern Malawi. This village was one of the most affected by the drought in 2005. Mwandama and surrounding communities with the population of more than 35,000 became Malawi’s first Millennium villages.

The objective of the Millennium Villages Project is to support rural households to escape the poverty trap. Like in the national program, farmers were given means to produce more food. All of Mwandama’s farmers received enough fertilizer and improved maize seed to plant half a hectare, the average farm size in the area and for three seasons, they achieved double the national average yield. Farmers are now contributing  maize to a school meal program. For more, watch this video:


These people now have extra cash to improve the quality of their lives and to invest in new enterprises. As you can see, a mobile bank is now operational in the area. Folks, this is LIVE AID!

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