Malawi flag

Soon after posting my first article on the need for non-intrusive inspection systems at customs points in Malawi, I realized that COTECNA is probably the biggest player in this field that has vast experience in Africa. I also noted that Tiscan Tanzania Ltd, who are in operation in Tanzania, are also a member of the COTECNA Group.

Commenting on my first article, someone mentioned that a 2008 study of the World Customs Organization confirms that COTECNA, a Swiss company, holds 50% of the private operator cargo scanning services market. Governments of Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal, Nigeria etc. have developed their non-intrusive inspection capacity using the expertise of COTECNA. A complete list of governments that have worked with them over the past 30 years can be accessed here. It is further reported that COTECNA brings the latest scanning technology, operates and integrates it within local Customs, and above all trains and builds local capacity.

It is easy to see that COTECNA has a vast experience in Africa. It seems they have a good understanding of the challenges faced by African countries in this arena. I am, therefore, looking forward to seeing Malawi developing her non-intrusive inspection systems by using  COTECNA’s expertise and technology just like Tanzania and others have done.