By now, most people in the blogosphere are aware of William Kamkwamba’s amazing story. But today’s Daily Times in Malawi carries another amazing story, which the world must know.

A Standard 7 dropout, Gabriel Kondensi from Mulanje district, built and operated a radio station known as Pachikweza. He was using a set of three transistors to penetrate the airwaves and a set of batteries as a source of power. His radio was running phone-in programs at 98.5 FM.

The police arrested on October 14 because he did not have the Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (Macra) licence. This 21 year old young man was slapped with a MK50,000 fine or in default 10 months IHL for the offence. He failed to pay and was sent to jail.

My take is that with his level of his education, it is obvious that he did not know that he needed a licence in order to operate a radio station. He was just driven by his spirit of innovation. This guy is a genius! Why condemn him to prison when he did not know that what he was doing was wrong? A suspended sentence would have been better.

I, therefore, would like to call for his immediate release from prison. These are the kind of guys whom we should sponsor to ensure that their spirit of innovation is well nurtured for the good of the country and the world at large.

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