I am glad to report that the English-Chichewa and Chichewa-English dictionary project, run by the Foundation Heart Malawi, now has its own website. I would like to congratulate Dr Steven Paas, the Director of the Foundation Heart Malawi, and all the people that work with him, on this achievement. Online presence will open up new possibilities for the project.

Chichewa-English and English-Chichewa dictionary (mtanthauzira mau)

Chichewa-English and English-Chichewa dictionary (mtanthauziramawu)

Some few months ago, Dr. Steven Paas informed me that a friend of the project was building the website for free and was paying the costs for registering the domain and hosting of the site. It is good to see that the site is up now. As expected, in this preliminary version of the website, there are still a few incomplete pages that have to be sorted out.

Last but not least, I would like to ask Dr. Paas and his team to include an online store on the site where people will be buying online using Paypal and credit cards. This will make it much easier for folks to buy the dictionaries, as opposed to the current system.

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