A Karonga based friend of mine has informed me that people are fleeing from earthquake hit Karonga in fear of a new quake which has been rumored to occur either today around 20.00hrs (Malawi time) or tomorrow the 24th of December 2009. He says people are running for their dear lives to destinations such as Mzuzu and Chitipa, some up to Blantyre or Lilongwe.

People fleeing from earthquake hit Karonga

People fleeing from earthquake hit Karonga

Buses and minibuses cashing on the quake rumor

Buses cashing in on the quake rumor

Quake rumor  triggered exodus

Relocation triggered by quake rumors

Earthquake rumors in Karonga

Quake rumors in Karonga, Malawi

My view is, however, that these rumors are false and baseless as earthquakes are unpredictable.The fact that these rumors do not tell clearly the date and time of occurrence of the new quake just confirms that they are lies from misguided individuals (and the father of lies) who are bent on confusing the people of Karonga even more in these difficult times.

Even developed countries such as Japan, which frequently experience earthquakes, have not yet developed technologies that can predict earthquakes hours or days away from their occurrence. All rumor-mongers should, therefore, keep quiet.