After organizing the successful Swaziland AIDS Assistance Project, Australia based Antonette Gaffney, now, focuses her attention on Malawi. She has created the World AIDS Day Calendar, which went on sale on 10 December 2009 at a cost of $20. It is currently available for purchase on eBay. The proceeds from the sales of this calendar will be donated to the Australian AIDS Fund Inc. (AAFI) to support their current education and awareness campaigns in Malawi.

Malawi Mothers and Babies Centre

The Mothers and Babies Centre in Malawi, constructed by the AAFI, where women study information about HIV/AIDS and other common diseases

 At the Openning Day of the new Mothers & Babies Health Care Centre

At the Opening Day of the new Mothers & Babies Health Care Centre

Malawi has one of the highest national HIV prevalence rates in the world, with almost one million Malawians currently living with HIV. Due to the important role education plays in eradicating this devastating disease, the AAFI has been active in building primary and secondary schools in Malawi, to provide educational opportunities for students either living with HIV/AIDS or who are AIDS orphans.

Through this initiative, students are taught important AIDS-related issues (such as causes, effects and preventions), in an environment free of stigma and discrimination. The education and awareness campaign hopes to break the ‘culture of ignorance’ that is still largely ingrained in the social fabric of many countries around the world, and promote empowerment through knowledge and understanding.

Australian School and Orphans Learning Centre

One of the school and orphans learning centre constructed by AAFI

As pointed out earlier, you can buy these calendars on eBay. Australian buyers will receive an official receipt from the AAFI. This means that the $20 you spend on buying a calendar is fully tax deductable in Australia. For overseas buyers, please refer to your local tax laws.

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