With the first day in 2010 and the new decade almost over here in Tokyo, I would like to wish all of you a very happy, healthy and successful 2010!!! Many thanks for your support in 2009. I really enjoyed your comments, frequent visits, back links, exchange of ideas and opportunities etc. I also hope many people learned a few good things here while having fun and getting inspired at the same time. I promise to continue giving you good stuff in 2010 and beyond.

2010 Happy Year

Because the net is so dynamic, some of you might have missed some of the major posts on this blog in 2009. I will try to reproduce a top 10 list based on popularity and relevance. Arranged chronologically based on the dates of publication, the list goes like this:

The year 2009 will also go down in history as the year in which I started accepting guest posts on this blog. First was Gagandeep Singh who, in response to my Tokyo Tap Campaign post, presented 20 simple ways to save water. Then, towards the end of the year, came my good friend, Isaiah Makwakwa, with a contribution to the ongoing debate on equitable access to education in Malawi. I want this trend to continue in 2010 and beyond. Therefore, folks who want to write guest posts on the use of technology in the fight against poverty should  give me a shout.