Maravi Post: Malawi newsThe Maravi Post, a current affairs website, which aims to provide unbiased reporting on a wide range of developments in Malawi, was launched early this month. Prior to this,  Nyasatimes, Blantyre Newspapers Ltd (BNL), and Nation Online (which looks abandoned) were the only sites dedicated to Malawian news. Therefore, the introduction of  the Maravi Post is welcome development.

The Maravi Post initially started as a blog on Malawi Politics. But the blog’s followers have forced the publisher, Mr. Elwin Mandowa, to broaden the scope of the news items. It looks like people are growing tired of Malawi politics.

The Malawi Politics blog used to be hosted on Google’s free blogger platform. It is, therefore, good to see that the switch from Malawi Politics to Maravi Post has been accompanied by a move to a self-hosted site.

At first, I was of the view that the site would not be updated regularly, but I have been proved wrong. The site gets updated on a daily basis with a series of well-written articles. There are a lot of images; videos are also available. If you are enterested in Malawian current affairs, I would like to encourage you to bookmark the Maravi Post. Their site loads much faster than Nyasatimes.

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