Professor Ebrahim MamdaniIt was great shock and sorrow to me when I read a message from Professor Lotfi Zadeh, the father of fuzzy logic, about the premature passing away of Professor Abe Mamdani, one of the prominent figures within the fuzzy logic community. Among other things, Prof Mamdani will be remembered for his pioneering work on fuzzy control which he did in the ’70s with his graduate student, Assilian.

Professor Zadeh says:

Abe was very bright, very knowledgeable and very articulate. In recent years he developed some serious medical problems but continued to be active and influential. He served with distinction as a member of the Steering Committee of the European Centre for Soft Computing.

I saw him frequently at the meetings of this Committee. It was a deep shock to be informed that he passed away.

I have never met Prof Mamdani in person, but I exchanged emails with him in 2005, when I was interested in doing my PhD research under him at Imperial College.

A great scholar and thinker is gone but  his works such as the Mamdani model will live on.