Google AfricaGoogle Africa is looking for volunteers who are passionate about Chichewa and would like to participate in the translation of Google products to Chichewa, starting with the Google web search interface. If you are interested, please give me a shout. Those of you who have subscribed to this blog by email can express your interest in this exercise by simply replying the email.

Some time back, Edmond Kachale, a Lilongwe based software developer, started doing this work as one of his pastime activities.

But there is a need for more people. More than 1,950 strings have to be translated for the search interface. There are issues of terminology standardization to be considered.

You may wish to take look at the Ugandan volunteer team that finished translating into Luganda sometime last year.

The Google Africa Community Translation Site, which showcases and shares insights from volunteer translators and reviewers across Africa, is also available.

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