Today, the 22nd of March, 2010, marks the fourth year since I wrote my first blog post. So far, it has been a great adventure.

Initially, I used to blog on Google’s free Blogger service. As my blogging interests continued to evolve, I moved to this self-hosted WordPress blog where I am enjoying much more freedom. My blog continues to grow at a very fast rate. I have even created a new sub domain blog focusing on my experiences here in Japan and Afro-Japanese issues.

Without your continued visits and comments, this blog would not have been where it is now. I, therefore, would like to sincerely thank you for patronizing my blog. Actually, many bloggers give up in the first few months when they notice that noone is reading their articles. I really thank you!

As you might have noticed, my interest in technology and its use in the fight against poverty. I, therefore, would like to ask you to share with me stories, events, projects and developments aimed at fighting against poverty in your area that you would want other readers to see on my blog.

Feel free to share ideas with me even about the pro-poor projects that you are personally involved in. That will give your site a chance for a linkback from my blog which has a Google PageRank of 4.

In order to have a rough idea about the kind of articles, that I am interested in, you may wish to take a look at the following articles:

  1. Old Phones save lives in developing countries
  2. Women “solar engineers’ in Malawi villages
  3. Africa Bags killing two birds with one stone
  4. Free dictionaries for Malawi and other Chewa and Speaking areas in Africa

If you are getting these posts by email, you can contact me by replying those emails. Otherwise, the contact form is always available.