Japan used carsBecause I am based in Japan, many friends and even strangers usually ask me to help them purchase used cars. Some folks ask me to pay for the cars here while they, in turn, deposit the equivalent amount in Malawi; others ask me to look for the cars on their behalf.

I usually do not have enough money here that I can use in order to help friends who are buying used cars. Recently, I have suggested that folks from home who want to buy Japanese cars can bypass the FOREX problems at home by making agreements with Malawians in other parts of the world who frequently remit cash to Malawi for different purposes. That cash can be sent to a car dealer here in Japan while the car buyer in Malawi deposits an equivalent amount in the US or UK based friend’s account in Malawi.

Secondly, searching for a used car is a very difficult task. So many variables have to be considered in line with the interest of the buyer. It requires me to take some time off from my research and my family. I have to send emails, make phone calls, travel to certain places etc.

If I were to help only one person, there would be no problem. But I get many of these kinds of requests and it is impossible for me to handle them. These days, I encourage folks to contact the car dealers directly. One of the dealers that I recommend is PicknBuy24.com. Their cars are cheap. Their site is updated on a daily basis. I know them personally; they are honest people. They are right here in Tokyo.

On the PicknBuy24 site, the advanced search gives you the ability to streamline your search in line with your interests. If the car that you want is not in stock, you can contact their customer service professionals. They will assist you in locating the vehicle that you want.

Their sales people (Jun, Kenji, Kazuya etc.) are on Skype. You can initiate a chat with them when they are online.  If you inform them that you got to know them through nthambazale.com, they will give you a discount (JOKING!!!).

Finally, you may wish to take a look at some of the people and organizations that have bought their cars from PicknBuy24.