Japan flagI have observed that the amount of traffic that I am getting from Google has increased dramatically because of people who are searching for the 2011 Japanese government (Monbukagakusho) application forms.

Searching for information on the Internet can be a very difficult exercise for some people, even when that information is readily available.

For the 2011 round of Japanese government scholarships, you do not have to go very far. Your search ends here. This site contains the guidelines and application forms which you can download.

Take note that the application process differs according to the country in which the Japanese embassy is located, therefore please inquire at the Japanese embassy or consulate general in your country for details. The contact details for Japanese embassies, consulates and permanent missions overseas can be found here.

Wishing all applicants all the best. Those of you who make it, please give me a shout when you arrive in Japan.