After months of intensive preparations the English-Chichewa (EC) and Chichewa-English (CE) dictionary is online now. When you visit the dictionary’s website, click the Translate link. According to Dr. Steven Paas, the man behind this project, the dictionary’s website builders Processix Software Development, are the ones who have enabled this important move.

Free access to the online Dictionary is offered to everyone, though limited to 10 searches per day and to the first lines of an entry. This enables any potential user of the online Dictionary to decide on becoming a Licence Holder with unlimited access. For unlimited access to the online Dictionary you need a personal licence code which can be obtained from here.

By paying fees, licence holders of the online dictionary contribute to the printing and the distribution of the printed version of the dictionary.The same is true for advertisers. If you are interested to to join your advertisement to the online dictionary, feel free to contact them on the possibilities and conditions.

Because financially, this project mainly depends on sponsors and buyers, sponsors are invited to make donations. Buyers of single copies can get the guidelines from here. For buyers of larger quantities the conditions are more favourable. Feel free to contact them for more details.

Apart from the online version, the Chichewa Dictionary Project publishes printed editions. The Project especially targets pupils and teachers of selected schools in Chichewa/ Chinyanja speaking Africa, to whom printed copies of the dictionary are given for free. Dr. Steven Paas says soon the second edition of the CE-EC Dictionary will appear (860 pages, A5).

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