Google AfricaFor the past six months or so, a team of volunteer translators who are passionate about Chichewa have been busy translating Google web search interface to Chichewa. The work has now been completed.

Google homepages for Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe have been translated into Chichewa (a.k.a. Chinyanja) and  are now running live.   The Mozambique homepage is defaulted to Portuguese while the other three homepages are defaulted to English. Links that take you to the Chichewa (Chinyanja) interface appear below the search box.

As is usually the case with new systems, there are some typos and orthographical errors.  The review team,  of which I am a member,  is taking care of them.  It is hoped that  you, as users, will help the review team by sending constructive suggestions and opinions.

Enjoy Google Web Search in Chichewa!

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