I have just read an awesome story about Kelvin Maliwa, a 34 year old Malawian, who was born with no hands and disabled legs and could not attend formal schooling, but now has become a radio repair man. Because he lacks two healthy hands, he mends radios using his mouth and a home-made tool kit.

Maliwa repairing the radio

Maliwa at work

Whilst other people with disabilities tend to look for people’s sympathy and help, Maliwa used to spend his time at a radio repair workshop in a neighboring village, where he developed a special interest in repairing radios. According to a report on Nyasatimes, which they have reproduced from the Big Issue Malawi magazine, Maliwa is quoted as saying:

I used to watch with keen interest as my friend was repairing radios. Little by little I started learning some parts of radio sets and how to diagnose a fault. Before I started repairing radios people always thought of me as a beggar. But now all this has changed. They refer to me as the radio repair man and not the disabled man.

Maliwa never attended a technical training school, yet what he learned at the workshop was enough for him to establish his own business. He is now able to fend for himself and contribute to the development of the village.