I have been thinking of creating a Social bookmarking site devoted to news and blogs about Malawi since last year. Early this year, I acquired the malawisoc.com domain with one year hosting for a meager US$9.95, courtesy of  the Siteground Special offer for customers and friends. I, however, could not find time to put things together.

Malawi Map

I finally got some breathing space a few weeks ago. I have now managed to create MalawiSoc. A few people have already signed up and I am loving the experience. The top five reasons to join the MalawiSoc community are as follows:

  • You get a chance to get the hottest news on Malawi.
  • You can submit your favorite stories on Malawi. Sharing stories from your own blog or website through MalawiSoc can enable you to reach thousands of other people interested in Malawi.
  • You can vote for your favorite stories.
  • You can join the conversation by sharing your views in the comment section of the stories.
  • You can connect with new friends, send messages etc.

As I continue working on a number of issues on the site, I am pleased because the site is working. If you are interested in Malawi news and blogs, feel free to join me and the MalawiSoc community in this adventure.

After you sign up, you can get the MalawiSoc bookmarket, which will enable you to submit stories on the fly. The instructions for adding the MalawiSoc bookmarklet to your bookmark toolbar are very easy to follow. In case,  you face problems, please let me know.

Those who want to use their own avatars can do so by signing up for a gravatar.com account, which is free. The only requirement is your email address. Once you’ve signed up you can upload your avatar image on that side and soon after you’ll start seeing it on MalawiSoc and many other Gravator-enabled websites.

Looking forward to seeing you on MalawiSoc!