Two young Kenyan ladies, Akinyi Adongo and Zahra Haji, have developed InfoAfricaNow, a business directory for Africa.  They started working on it after realizing that information on Africa was little and scattered all over the internet.

InfoAfricaNow Africa

This directory is barely seven months old, but it has more than 15,000 entries so far across Africa. Apart from the administrators listing the entries manually, there is an option for interested parties to add their entries by creating accounts on the site.

Akinyi and Zahra have several goals. First, they wish to rapidly increase African content online. They argue that African content online currently stands at less than 1 percent. This has motivated them to start working on a project known as Discovering Africa’s Web Assets (DAWA), which upon completion will introduce a lot of information which is currently offline on African businesses, organizations, individuals and locations to the web.

Secondly, they are interested in listing and profiling Africans in the diaspora. Using the InfoAfricaNow directory and their blog, they intend to bridge the gap and connect Africans in the diaspora with Africa.

Finally, they hope that their directory will unearth the potential for Africa to meet her needs. Currently, total inter-Africa trade is only 12 percent, which is low.  Since this directory lists thousands of companies across several industries around the continent, it is hoped that the interconnection will help reveal the supply and demand balance within Africa.