Yesterday, Chimwemwe Msuku, one of the most active Malawian Twitter users, tweeted about telephone interconnection problems in Malawi and urged the authorities to sort out these problems as soon as possible, before someone takes them to court.

In his tweet on twitlonger, he says:

Relationships are breaking up in #Malawi because of #telecommunication interconnection problems. Yesterday my wife was calling me on my cell, when I picked up it was a man on the line shouting at me. He even said I am very stupid. It seems he was trying to call his wife and somehow the lines mixed up and I picked up but the call ID was my wifes. I cut the line confused then my wife calls me saying there must be a fault because the line was on but she could hear nothing. Today my sister inlaw just called me to say her boyfriend has another girl because when she called him a female voice picked up. Funny thing is, the boyfriend is claiming the same. His evidence being; a guy called him from his girls phone and shouted at him. #Zain #Tnm #MTL #Access please sort this mess out before someone takes you to court. #Macra

Are these cases widespread? If you have encountered similar experiences, please share them in the comments section below.