Afridocsearch is yet another interesting directory for Africa. The founder, David Amakobe, is based in the US, but he grew up in Africa. Afridocsearch provides a voice for clients of healthcare providers. They verify, list and rate the services rendered by these providers.

David says his daily encounters with healthcare providers, while growing up in Africa, motivated him to provide a voice for the silent consumers of healthcare services in Africa. Currently, Afridocsearch provides a means for a client to locate:

  • Physicians practicing in Africa
  • Health Facilities licensed in Africa
  • Hospitals in Africa with admitting capacity
  • Pharmacies in Africa
  • Registered Pharmaceutical Drugs in each listed African country

Only registered or licensed providers are listed. They verify all providers and facilities before listing. Basic listing is free and is obtained from official registries and professional organizations.

Registered or licensed healthcare providers may register online and add their listing with official registration numbers, then the folks at Africdocsearch shall verify and then list.

Premium listing is also obtained by registering online and claiming the basic listing. Afridocsearch will verify, charge a free and link the registrant to their basic listing enabling editing including ability to add logos and photos.

To contact David and his team at Afridocsearch, visit this page.