After a long time, I was in the Akihabara Electric Town again last night. The purpose for my visit this time round was, not to buy some gadgets, but to attend the Internet Society (ISOC) Japan Chapter rejuvenation meeting on the 5th floor of Fuji-Soft Akihabara Building.

Internet Protocol Journal

Apart from some top Japanese Internet experts, I met Anne Loyd, the Senior Manager responsible for Chapter and Individual Memberships at ISOC, and Ole Jacobsen, the editor and publisher of Cisco’s quarterly Internet Protocol Journal.

Ole brought with him some copies of the September 2010 edition of the journal. I got one copy, which I have been reading since yesterday. There are two interesting articles in this edition.

The first one talks about Proxy Mobile IPv6, an approach that allows conventional IP devices to roam freely across wireless stations belonging to the same local domain.

The second article looks at “Happy Eyeballs”, a new technique aimed at avoiding negative effects on user experience when making the transition to IPv6 and Stream Control Transimission Protocol (SCTP).

Although Cisco has been publishing this journal since December 1998, I knew nothing about it before meeting Ole last night. The papers are easy to understand. Almost all the papers, that I have read so far, do not have any complex equations.

The journal is free. You just have to click on the Subscriber Services link and complete the online subscription form. You can also download IPJ back issues for free.