Because I am not a fully fledged e-business person, I generally do not pay much attention to website performance issues such as website loading speed and server uptime. The only website tracking codes that I have on my site are Statcounter and Google Analytics, both of which are free at my level of usage.

I usually check my Statcounter account because, in my view, it is more user friendly. On the other hand, I can’t remember the last time I checked my Google Analytics stats even though this service is combined with my Gmail, which I use on a frequent basis.

For those of you who are deep into e-business, it is imperative that you go a step further by employing some web server performance monitoring services such as Dotcom-Monitor. This is an external website monitoring service which, apart from uptime monitoring, also does reporting, notification and analysis, and any kind of monitoring that you need.

In my view, this is very good for an e-business website. But as I have already mentioned for a small site like mine, I do not need such an advanced website monitoring service. Another issue is that unlike Statcounter and Google Analytics, which provide a free service for users below a certain set threshold, Dotcom-Monitor only offers a 30-day free trial. This might be shutting out many small users, who have the potential of becoming major users in future. Many small scale users are usually put off by services which offer trial periods. It becomes very painful when the brilliant service is taken away from them and they do not have enough money to pay for it on a monthly basis once the free trial period ends.

Dotcom-Monitor should change their pricing policy by scraping off the 30-day free trial period. In its place, they should introduce a free service with limited resources from which users should have the liberty to upgrade to a paid service should they see it necessary along the way.