This post is for anyone who is aspiring to study for a PhD degree! The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme is offering generous PhD fellowships tenable at universities in Hong Kong on full-time basis. Prospective PhD students are supposed to have the following qualities: evidence of academic excellence, research ability and potential, and good communication, interpersonal and leadership abilities.

The fellowship scheme pays for the following:

  • Full 3 year tuition scholarship
  • Monthly stipend of HK$20,000 (approx. US$2,600, as of  28 August 2014)
  • Annual book and equipment allowance of HK$20,000 (approx. US$2,600, as of  28 August 2014) – this offered only at some selected universities!!
  • Annual Conference Funding of HK$10,000 (approx. US$1,300, as of  28 August 2014) – this offered only at some selected universities!!

The application process is very competitive, but it’s an opportunity worth trying. The application deadline is December 1, 2014; successful applicants will embark on their studies in September, 2015. The general application information can be accessed from this link but the application procedure goes as follows:

  • Interested applicants have to identify and approach potential supervisors as soon as possible;
  • Develop a research proposal with interested supervisor;
  • Submit application forms (including references) and research proposals by the deadline (December 1, 2014).

The list of University websites from which applicants can start looking for departments and supervisors is a follows:

Just a little word of advice to the prospective applicants. You will greatly increase your chances if you come up with a very good proposal (literature review, justification of study, sound objectives, good methodology, interesting and doable project etc.). Please take your time to read the state-of-the art research papers in your field; show that you are able to understand them, establish research gaps, and show some insight on how to fill such gaps. You can use Google Scholar to get to grasp with the existing literature in your field of endeavour.

You should also take your time to look at your prospective supervisors’ research area carefully. Look at his or her papers and begin linking them to your own research interests. That way the prospective supervisor will know that you are a very resourceful student. Don’t just email these busy professors when you have nothing! They will just delete your email and focus on your competitors.

Please share this information with your friends. Some of them will find it useful!