mhubEarly this year, Malawi’s first technology hub was launched in Lilongwe, the country’s capital city. The hub provides innovation space and acts a tech incubator for students, ICT entrepreneurs and innovators to work on their ideas and turn them into viable business models. It aims at providing training, skills development, and skills development to technology entrepreneurs.

Funded by Hivos Southern AfricamHub seeks to enhance the growth of the ICT sector in Malawi by enhancing the culture of entrepreneurship in technology among the youths through training, transfer of skills and mentorship in technology and business.

The hub expects to absorb over 5,000 young technology enthusiasts nationwide by 2019. It is expected that this created a ripple effect to fellow youths as they create opportunities for others through their enterprises.

The hub’s activities include the following: building a community of technology enthusiasts; mentoring and incubating technology startups;  hosting developer groups like hackathons and startup camps; engagement with the corporate world and industry on needs that require technology solutions; and software development.

Located in Corporate Mall, along Paul Kagame Highway in Lilongwe, the hub is open from 8 am to 5 pm Mondays to Fridays. Saturdays are arranged. mHub has also partnered with UNICEF Malawi for their Blantyre Innovation Hub, Timveni TV and Flame Tree International, a development entrepreneurship non-profit based in the USA.

Kudos to Rachel Sibande for this exciting development. This is good for our young people in Malawi and the future of the country. Our young people are very capable. The only drawback is that most of them do not have access to opportunities, resources, and proper mentorship.

I am, therefore, very excited to see the emergence of mHub, which provides a platform for our young people to realize their true potential. I hope that this initiative will spread out to other towns and districts in the country so that the youth in those places are not left behind.

To young people out there, if you want to be part of mHub,  you start by applying for membership. All you need is to be a tech enthusiast pregnant with exciting ideas, regardless of your educational background.

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