Five years ago, I wrote about the small grants program, which is run by Friends Of Malawi (FOM). FOM was formed in 1987 by US Peace Corps Volunteers who previously served in Malawi. They offer small amounts of money for sustainable development projects in Malawi.

A few days ago, I checked the Friends of Malawi website again. I was extremely excited to see that they are still alive and kicking. They are still running many projects in the country. According the the FOM Newsletter of March, 2015, some of their projects are as follows:

  1. Expansion of the Kaseye Income Generating Activity (IGA): This project is implemented in coordination with Kaseye Community Hospital and Peace Corp Volunteers Andrew Clark and Rebecca Hellman to help the hospital with the purchase of prescription drugs. FOM has granted $1,021 to help expand the project with two new chicken houses. Profits from the sale of broilers are utilized by the hospital to purchase prescription drugs such as Paracetamol, Ampicillin, Ketamine, and Erythromycin as well as reagents necessary to conduct laboratory tests.
  2. Promoting quality education: Friends Of Malawi contributed MK296,344.64 toward the purchase of building materials to finish a classroom block project at Sonzowa Primary School in the area of Group Village Headman Chapasuka.
  3. Borehole rehabilitation: Friends Of Malawi granted $799 the local community around Mzgola School in Nkhata Bay district for the rehabilitation of the borehole. It has been reported that since the completion of the health of the children has improved and school attendance has increased.
  4. Masale Self Help Initiative: FOM had funded the footbridge project over the Lisanjala river with $800. The rural community requested for help because during rains, the area often floods making the path to school impassable for pupils. According to the newsletter, the project was scheduled to start as soon as the rains stop and the water recedes.

As you can see, the grants are really small but very sustainable. These small projects mean a lot to the common man in the village. If you have some small community projects in your area, you can submit an application to FOM for funding. The criteria set by FOM must be strictly adhered to. You must follow their the application guidelines.

For those who are interested in making donations, this is a worthwhile project to support. You can make donations by following this link. Spread the word to your networks.