When I was in Japan, I created a Paypal account using my “official” email address. This is the personal email address that I use most frequently. After leaving Japan, I asked Paypal to change my address to Namibia. But the answer that I got was very strange.

The most interesting part of their response went as follows:

Thank you for your kind information, Actually If you live in Namibia, I suggest you to keep Japan account and open a new PayPal account in Namibia. And the account address can not be changed to the address in other countries. it shows where is your PayPal account registered on and which country’s Laws and Regulations comply with.

If you have a lot money transactions in Namibia through a Japan account, the system might lock your account for the safety reason. And the registered address can not be changed to anywhere outside of Japan.

I am no longer staying in Japan. As much as I love Japan, I don’t see myself going back there to stay in the near future. I will only be going there for short periods for business meetings and also to visit friends. It is, therefore, pointless for me to be maintaining a Paypal account in Japan because the account will not be used at all. It will also not be good for Paypal because this zombie account will not be bringing them any business.

Creating another account in Namibia implies using a completely new email address because the one that I used in Japan is now locked. If I move to another country, I will have to create a new Paypal account with a new email address. I will be leaving locked accounts all over the place. This is really comical! Paypal, you have to be serious!!!

Paypal must know that we are not mountains. We move from one country to another. They should not be rigid. They are an online company after all. They have to set a better example when it comes to flexibility.

I have now advised Paypal to delete my Japan account from their system. Once they do so, it will pave the way for me to create a new Paypal account here in Namibia using the same email address. Paypal is a kind of an online bank. If we can close physical bank accounts when we leave a country, we should be able to do the same with an online bank.

Of course, the closure of account will just be a temporary solution for them. In the long run, I would like to see Paypal allowing users to change their registered address to other countries as long as the users accept Paypal’s conditions in those countries.