#SharingIsCaring: My Italian friends, based in Milan, are looking for one or more people willing to join their company. They are developing the ViewTwoo project, which is on its final development stage.

ViewTwoo is a free application that uses augmented reality to create a real 3D experience inside the virtual cubes distributed all around the terrestrial globe. For a start, they are looking for a remote collaboration. If it goes the right way, it may lead to a full integration into the company. This collaboration can be both full-time or part-time.

Applicants must be having some working experience with at least one of the following systems:

  • SLAM systems
  • Structure from Motion (SfM) systems

In addition, they should also have some of the following skills:

  • C++
  • Android NDK
  • iOS

They want innovative people that will consider this project as their long term job. You can send your CVs to the following email: alberto.marchetti at viewtwoo.com

If you are not into software development but you know people that could be interested in this job, please share this post with them.

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