Some more good news from Africa! President Hage Geingob of Namibia has announced that he will be giving 20% of his salary to a scholarship fund for needy students. President Geingob earns about 2 Million Namibian dollars per annum, which implies that he will give away about 400,000 Namibian dollars.

Kudos to President Geingob. This is a really laudable development! On our continent, we are used to seeing leaders enriching themselves from public funds. Many leaders even give pro-poor scholarships offered by foreign governments to their own children and grandchildren.

But President Geingob seems to be a different breed altogether. In May, 2015, two months after his inauguration, he voluntarily declared his assets. If other countries in Africa had leaders of this calibre, this continent would be a far much better place.

If the president leads by example like this, there is a high chance for  the spirit of giving and honesty to permeate the society and eventually become part of the culture. I will not be surprised to hear that more and more people are setting aside some of their money to help the needy.

While many people are applauding the president for this act of kindness, there are also a few people who have contrary views. They are busy vilifying the president in the social media saying his cash is too little; he should do more.

Some are even accusing his government of failing to spread wealth from natural resources to the poor Namibians. They are, however, not suggesting how that can be done. I, for one, believe that we, Africans, will never be able to have control over our natural resources if we do not acquire knowledge.

We are perishing and being cheated into bad agreements on exploration and exploitation of natural resources because of lack knowledge about these God given resources. The president is trying to help some poor students to acquire that knowledge and in stead of thanking him, you are busy speaking ill of him.

Namibians, please learn to appreciate good things. The man is giving 20% of his salary to the needy voluntarily. Remember it is his constitutional entitlement. He has the right to take the whole amount home and chop it with his family.

But out of his own volition, he decides to go home with only 80% and you are busy disparaging him. If I may ask you, when was the last time, you gave 20% of your salary to others? Before you open your mouth trivializing the kind gesture by President Geingob, please answer that question.