A few months ago, I blogged about how well-to-do parents can introduce online teaching and learning tools to their children through monitored use of smart phones. But you will agree with me that in Africa, only very few families have smart phones.

In this post, I will explain mechanisms that can be put in place so that the average African child can benefit from these wonderful tools. I am, personally, very interested in working with people/organisations that might be interested in ensuring that children from poor backgrounds in Africa and beyond have access to world class online teaching and learning tools.

Here I will share my preliminary thoughts on how we can bring online teaching and learning tools to these economically disadvantaged children as follows:

  1. Online teaching and learning efforts must be tied to a local school.
  2. The community around the school must be sensitized about the benefits of such a project. They must own it and fully support it.
  3. Solar electricity must be introduced at that rural school.
  4. Some buildings must be set aside to house computers, which are powered by solar energy.
  5. A reliable internet connection must be made available to the school. If the online tools can be downloaded and installed on the local server, it would be a great idea.
  6. The alumni of the school must be organised and encouraged to start supporting the project by making contributions to the school development account. The money for paying for the internet connection, maintenance of the solar equipment, maintenance of the computer hardware and software, payment for watchmen and other volunteers would be sourced from this account.
  7. The people who handle the project finances must be very credible. Measures have to be put in place to prevent fraud. Once people see that the financial system is flawless, they will be encouraged to support the cause. It will also be very easy to bring in donors. The project can expand easily!

If you are planning to embark on these kinds of projects in your area, I would like to be involved in one way or another. Please give me a shout. If you are already running such projects among the rural people, please let me know. I will feature them on this blog.