In November 2015, I called on journal publishers and conference organisers to start remunerating paper reviewers. I expected my article to trigger some debate among researchers, publishers, conference organisers etc. But to my surprise despite nineteen shares on LinkedIn, it has just been quiet. Something exciting is, however, coming up here in Namibia. A local journal promises to pay paper reviewers!

Last year, the National Commission on Science, Research and Technology (NCRST), successfully hosted the inaugural National Research Symposium. Some selected papers from the symposium have been recommended for possible publication in NCRST’s journal. I have been nominated to serve as one of the reviewers.

The email that I received from NCRST reads:

Dear Reviewers,

The National Commission on Research Science and Technology (NCRST) is working towards publishing the research papers presented during the National Research Symposium in September 2015. You have been nominated to peer-review full papers in the research area of your expertise. Hereby,you are requested to indicate whether you will be available to peer-review the full papers for publication. As a token of appreciation, the NCRST avails a compensation of N$### per paper for your efforts and time.

Kindly confirm your availability and willingness to peer-review the full papers on or before 20 February 2016.

Thank you

I deliberately hid the amount on offer per paper. It is not that much but it is a good amount. It will motivate me to do an even better job and also to submit my review reports before the deadline.

This is their first volume. But they are already doing better than well established journals. I hope that other journals will emulate this good gesture.