Last week, we heard some very good news from Tanzania. A TOTAL of 1,423 industries have been set up in Tanzania within one year of President John Magufuli in office. This is awesome news. If this trend continues, Tanzania will surely acheive its goals of ensuring that industrial development contributes 15 per cent to the GDP and provides employment to 40 per cent of the citizens by 2020.

The news of 1423 industries in one year of Magufuli’s reign was revealed by the Principal Trade Officer in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Mr Wilfred Kahwa. He also mentioned that  some 19 industrial development projects initiated within the same year are also under implementation.

This news coming out of Tanzania is very exciting for any progressive African. It is a pity that it not spreading like fire on the Internet. International media outlets are usually excited about news of doom and gloom from the African continent. They will rarely publish such good developments.

The onus is, therefore, on the bloggers, media houses, social media activists in Tanzania and Africa at large to spread this news. I expected some follow-up articles from Daily News Tanzania to, among other things, discuss the details about the industries, the jobs that they have created, and the impact that they are bringing to their local communities.

Some videos and images accompanying the news reports about the different industries will be very welcome. We, in the blogosphere, will repost the same on our blogs and make them viral. The world must know that there are some great developments on the continent.

A recent article by BBC, which aims at looking at what Magufuli has done during his first year in office, is poorly written and does not discuss substantive developments that have taken place so far. Tanzanian bloggers and journalists, where are you? Rise up and give a correct picture of the developments in your country. As someone who comes from neighboring Malawi, I am ready to work with you online.