I arrived in Beijing, China for the 5th International Workshop on Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics (IWACIII 2017). I will presenting a paper titled “Anomaly Detection in Smart Water Metering Networks” on behalf of Maria Kanyama, my MSc student at the University of Namibia. I will also be chairing one of the sessions.

It’s my first time in China. I flew by Qatar Airways from Windhoek to Doha and used the same airline to connect to Beijing. The air ticket was unbelievably cheap. I spent approximately US$570. As expected, I am still very tired after flying for a combined period of more than 15 hours.

Beijing looks fine. I am eagerly looking forward to an exciting week in this big city. The crowds of people in the market places seem to be far much lower than what I was used to in Tokyo and Yokohama.

On the negative side, my life is in a mess here as I cannot access Facebook, Twitter, Google, Gmail, Whatsapp and Youtube. Bing is accessible but it gives very limited search results. On the other hand, Baidu, the Chinese search engine gives far more results than Bing.

I am not used to Bing and Baidu. I need my Google. Before the end of today, I will figure my way out of this. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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